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One Month of Writing

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Here I am, writing my last post of this month.

I did, in fact, write in this blog for every day of November.

I probably won’t do this ever again!

As an ultimate conclusion for the idea of this month — and this blog — I won’t spend time wrapping everything up, making a neat list of everything I wrote (though I did update the main page, just experimenting with the style of all articles’ list). I don’t want to rush it, and I want to think more about what I actually did achieve or not.

One thing is certain: for some reason, I did succeed in this weird challenge. Maybe some of the things I shared were helpful for someone? I don’t know.

I guess, after this post, I could take a bit of a rest from these daily posts. Well, I’ll continue the “weekly” series, or perhaps I’ll take one week off — we’ll see!

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