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Personal Site Anniversary & History

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Today is the 22nd anniversary of my first HTML page on the web: November 4th, 2001. Quite a long time going!

Initially, I wanted to post a longer history of my personal website(s), but looking at all the archives, that would be a much longer task, especially if I would like to show the screenshots and examples of what I had. For now, I’ve decided to write a shorter post.

Some Interesting Notes

In the beginning, it was a non-technical, childish site; I moved from one free hosting provider to another in 2001 and “redesigned” that site, I think, eight times? Not counting the not-finished designs.

In 2008, I purchased my first domain and started a technical blog, which evolved over time into what we can currently see at

Here is the beginning of the timeline for my personal site and my history with the web.









To Be Continued!

Sadly, it seems that while for some older files the timestamps are intact, for anything starting from 2006 there are not a lot of correct ones. Maybe if I could find a proper archive somewhere that did retain everything…

In 2006, I was not in a good place closer to the end of the year, quitting the university and feeling quite worthless overall. I was lucky to finally land a job and start working as a developer full-time. Things have gotten much better since then for me. I’m happy where I am now (internally; externally… not so much).

Maybe one day I will revisit this post — or write a new one — and update this timeline, adding new notes and maybe adding examples of some of my earlier experiments or LiveJournal themes. Sharing funny snippets of code here and there.

If you have your own personal website, when did you start it? How did it evolve? I think it might be interesting to revisit your old code and your old self sometimes. I would be interested in reading more people’s stories about how they started their journey with the web platform.

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