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I did not have an opportunity to write something useful today. So, I’ll write something random? After all, this is my less polished blog, in which I, at least initially, wanted to start posting less technical things. Well, did not do well on the “less technical” part, but so far, I actually managed to post every day of November. Surprised myself with this!

Some observations:

  1. The later it gets in the day, the harder it is to start writing, especially if that is something technical. Like, even while publishing less polished things, I still want them to have some quality. That means that if I have a certain thing I want to share, I still need to do a bit of research, write at least one example, and so on. All this takes time, and even if it won’t take much time in reality, when it is late, I guess I’m just afraid that what if it would take too long.

  2. That brings me to the next thought: I won’t probably attempt something like that in the future. Posting every day is exhausting! I never liked deadlines, never liked habits and traditions. It might be fun to try something like NaBloPoMo once in a while. I can see how practicing this makes it easier to just go and write something not as polished, I just don’t think the compromises I do with myself to pursue it are worth it. I think I’m capable enough to learn the things that are useful to me, and throw away what does not work.

  3. Having things prepared in advance would help! I could go and write N small posts about different things in one day, and then just post them every other day. For some reason, I feel that as cheating. After all, that would be an effort to do all of that in one go. And, so far, I think I managed to choose topics relatively spontaneously, maybe from a list of things that I already wanted to write about, but occasionally, there were topics that randomly came into existence just on a certain day.

  4. I think the best thing would be for me to just try and at least start writing in the morning, have some rough draft. Then, during the day, finish it. I know it about myself that it is very for me to start things. Once I get going, things go smoothly, the problem is usually to begin. So, yes, that would be probably the main lesson: just start writing as early as possible, and with whatever nonsense, I want. This post did not exist until I started writing it, before — head empty. Just an anxiety that I did not yet write a post today.

  5. I don’t like lists with an even number of items, apparently. Though, 10 would be a nice number? I’ll need to think about this. But maybe not in this post.

That’s it for today.

Except for one final thought outside the above list: I think writing every day did also help me to just do something every day as well, outside the blog. I have a few article drafts in progress, a few projects in progress (ooh, what are they? Hmm!), and I managed to do at least something for all of them. Which is nice.

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