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First things first:

  1. I think it is obvious that the “weekly” format just doesn’t work for me: sometimes there are gaps, I don’t want to always publish on the same day, and so on. Moreover, I ended up sharing predominantly the more recent articles and posts I read, rather than some of the more archived ones, so replacing the “weekly” with “recent” makes sense.

  2. While it was a month since the last bookmarks post, I don’t want it to be monthly, but something that I post more often.

  3. Almost always, my bookmarks are all about CSS. This will continue, and it should be ok to just put this into the “series” name. I could still include other topics, but the main topic will be CSS. And for bigger compilations like this one, I could always add sub-categories.

  4. Some other people have a separate category on their sites where they share bookmarks one by one, or automatically publish groups of them. For me, at least for now, it is more enjoyable to have a more curated list in the way I’m doing it. Maybe I will do something differently in the future, we’ll see.

Now, to the bookmarks themselves, 23 of them this time.

Colors and Themes

I gathered four links about colors and themes that compliment each other.

Container Queries

All aspects of them, including container query length units and style queries!


A few articles about various aspects of CSS in relation to accessibility.


Ok, just two articles, but I just wanted to have a section for them. Grids are cool.

Future CSS

Things that are not available in all browsers, but, hopefully, will be soon. Some of them could be used as a progressive enhancement, some of them — not.

Everything Else

These cover so many topics! I could probably spend more time thinking about how I could put these into different boxes as well, but oh well!

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