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Another big batch of CSS bookmarks: more than a month worth of them. As usual, with that number of them (32!), I grouped them into eight sections: Colors and Themes, CSS Layouts, Typography, Future CSS, Selectors, Shapes and Effects, Everything Else and My Articles.

Colors and Themes

CSS Layouts

This month is full of talks about the future of CSS “Masonry” layout. There is a prototype implementation in Safari and Firefox, and an alternative proposal from the Chrome team. Both sides did post their posts presenting their arguments, and asking for the developer feedback in the CSSWG issues. It is a lot!

Masonry was not the only layout-related topic in the last month, there were some other articles as well.


Future CSS


Shapes and Effects

Everything Else

My Articles

I did publish three articles on my main site in April:

If you did miss any of them, I highly recommend you to check them out.

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