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Slightly Updated Blog Design

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Sorry again for not posting the weekly links — I’m not feeling myself well, so I decided to write a shorter post today.

I did update this blog’s design slightly!

If you’re reading this post via RSS — you can visit the site itself.

(Note to self: It would be cool to have some way to add content that is visible only in RSS.)

The update is very simple this time (though there have been more updates since the last time I wrote about my blog’s CSS, in the first post here/): mostly colors and a few spacing ones.

I’m lazy enough to provide the before/after — but before what you can find now, I did not really have any colors, relying on the system’s default white&black colors for the text and background (though, customizing the link colors, as in Safari, in the dark mode, but with the color-scheme: light dark; the links did not change color, resulting in a bad contrast).

(Maybe I will add the before/after at a later point.)

Let me know if you spot any issues with the new design; it was very quick to implement, and I’m sure I forgot to check something.

I’m not sure when I could gather the next weekly links — probably when I would feel myself better. For the time being, I will probably continue posting these “simple” posts.

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