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Two Invitations

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In the last few weeks, I received two invitations:

  1. An invitation to speak at the next CSS Day.

  2. An invitation to join the CSS Working Group as an Invited Expert.

Of course, I did accept both of them:

  1. I’ll give a talk titled “Impactful Experimentation” at CSS Day in June.

  2. You can now find me on the CSSWG Participants page.

I still do not entirely believe this did happen.

I guess, I need to push my impostor syndrome away for a bit and accept that maybe after 17+ years of writing CSS as a full-time job, experimenting with it in my spare time, sharing the findings on my site, and my more recent activity in CSSWG issues did bring some fruits.

I did already participate in one weekly CSSWG meeting, and started working on the rought outline of my talk. In CSSWG I’m mostly observing how things work for now, and I’m mostly planning on continuing doing what I’m doing: keeping an eye on the emerging specs, authors’ requests, playing with the existing prototypes of the newer specs like I did with anchor positioning, and give my feedback on all of this.

Let’s see where all of this will lead next!

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