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How funny — in July I did start my blog but have not posted since then. Isn’t that the fate of most blogs?

As an attempt to have something to write about at least on a weekly basis, here is what I think I’ll do: gather some of the interesting stuff I noticed during the week and just post these with minimal comments. Some of it I shared in my Mastodon already, but I think it could be useful, even if for myself, to have a compilation here as well.

Let’s go!

CSS Techniques and News

Not Exactly New, but Noteworthy

My Bug Reports

That’s it! I’m doing this today, so maybe there are not as many links as I could’ve gathered if I would note them as the week goes… We’ll see if the next post in the series will have as many or more — maybe not, given how this time there were two very nice CSS techniques shared by Jane and Lea, and this does not always happen, haha.

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