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Weekly Bookmarks 3: IndieWebCamp Edition

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As I shared in my previous post about the things I did during IndieWebCamp, I did not have enough time to compile a list of bookmarks for the last week. I have some, but I was mostly paying attention to what was happening at the conference and the IndieWeb event. I’ll include these links in the next weekly bookmarks.

However, IndieWebCamp, especially the sessions during the first day, was full of information, which I tried to distill into a list of links that I found interesting.

Building Block Icons

I participated in a session about having an imagery for the indie web “building blocks, initiated by Paul Robert Lloyd, in which we discussed if there should be a cohesive design language for various IndieWeb thingies.

Overall, I really like the Paul’s proposal, especially how the icons for specific microformats look.

I participated in a session about the “link rot, initiated by Jeremy Keith, in which we did discuss various ways to check, fix or work around the broken links that could exist in various personal blog archives.

I’m gathering the links to things mentioned in the session and outside of it into one list, providing some of my commentary:

Overall, this is a very interesting and multi-faceted topic. I’ve started thinking about how I would want to implement something that helps with this on my site, and also about whether this is something that could be facilitated by the web browsers and/or browser extensions. It should be easy enough to do the “did we land on 404? Let’s look in the Internet Archive” as a feature, though this won’t work for the “zombies”.

How to stop rewriting your site and write more

I participated in a session about actually writing in your blogs, initiated by Sara Jakša, where we did discuss what is stopping us from writing in our blogs, be it perfectionism or something else.

If I took one thing from this session, it was that I needed to worry less about how things would be received and try to fight my perfectionism, at least in some ways.

Other Sessions

I was also present at two other sessions: Accessible web by Calum Ryan and POSSE How To & Best Practices + Fediverse by Tantek Çelik, but I don’t think I want to add any links here, as I’m less familiar with these particular topics, and would need to read much more on them in order to share something reasonable.

The “Accessible web” session was more of a free-form discussion without any specific topic; the POSSE is a concept that I’m not entirely sold on yet, though I really liked how Bridgy Fed sounds like — a way to easily connect Mastodon with your IndieWeb-powered website.

I’ll keep an eye on the various IndieWeb concepts in the future, so it is likely my other weekly bookmarks will get more links from this area as well.

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