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If you were waiting for my weekly list of links, I would publish it a bit later! As I did mention in the previous weekly, I did attend the border: none conference, and right after it, I did participate in the IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2023. So, I did not have too much time to work on the weekly post — but I did gather some links and would try to compile them eventually.

I’ll omit most of what I learned during IWC’s first day; I think most of it would go into the weekly links post, and in this post I would just list things that I did add to my websites.


I did add h-card and h-entry microformats to both and

I remember having an older version of microformats years and years ago over at my core site, but I did lose them with one of the redesigns.

Now was a good opportunity to add them back again.

Here are both of my PRs that did add them to my sites:

They contain a bit more stuff than just microformats, and the code inside is not that interesting, but you’re free to peek into them.

You can also look at the microformats validator results:

There were a few notes I took while doing this:

Syndicating My Blog to My site

One of the ideas of the Indie Web is to own all your content and display it on your site in some form. I already publish my articles and my less polished posts on my own sites, but until now I did not have any connection between them.

In the time I had to work on it, I did manage to implement fetching my blog posts into my main site and display the most recent five posts as a simple list. I did not spend too much time on this list’s design; I just wanted the content to be there. After all, I’ll be redesigning my home page eventually and will try to incorporate these links in a better way.

How I ended up implementing this:

That’s it!

Planned for the future

I think there are still a lot of ways microformats could be added and improved, but until I stumble across a need for something to consume them, I’ll leave them mostly be. Though, I think it could be a good idea to add some kind of test to my build pipeline that would parse the built pages and make sure microformats are present and result in the data I would expect. This way, any site refactoring won’t result in it breaking.

For the “self-syndicating” articles, I’ll need to implement the reverse: show the latest articles from my core site over at my blog. A few things to note:

Final Thoughts

I always love working on my websites, and I always wish I had more time to do so. Having this dedicated time at IndieWebCamp to do just that was very nice!

I also met a bunch of new people and learned about a bunch of interesting things. I’ll try to compile them into the next weekly post, so stay tuned!

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