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Weekly Bookmarks 11: The Backlog

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I did take a break from writing anything for the most of January. During this time, many people published tons of things, so this post will be very long. When I started compiling this list (and actually reading all the content I’m linking to), it ended up a bigger task than I anticipated, so I did also skip publishing over the first week of February. But I’m happy that so many people are writing about CSS!

Because the list of links is so long this time, I did put them into various categories: Interop 2024, Scroll-Driven Animations, Style Encapsulation, Forms and Interactions, Layout, Typography, Thoughts and Opinions, Theming, Other Articles, My Posts — feel free to skip to what you find more interesting, as there are more than 50 articles combined!

Interop 2024

Ok, the first thing I’m sharing is not from January, really. The list of focus areas was just been finalized!

Scroll-Driven Animations

While scroll-driven animations were not selected for the Interop 2024, I truly hope Safari and Firefox will ship them sooner rather than later: there are so many use cases for them!

Style Encapsulation

There are many discussions about web components recently, specifically about Shadow DOM, style encapsulation, and other related topics. Here are some of the things I found interesting.

Forms and Interactions

Also, a reminder from me: cursor: pointer is a good default for any buttons. Just saying.


In this section, we have articles covering almost every layout possible in some way, maybe except for the flex layout.


Thoughts and Opinions


Nothing too new in this section, but a few small things that are worth it to remember.

There were other articles, which I couldn’t categorize into more specific groups.

My Posts

Since last weekly, I did write just four blog posts, here they are:

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