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Weekly Bookmarks 5: CSS and Web Components

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I did not have to compile all the bookmarks I had for all the topics, so here is what I have decided to do: I’ll try to post at least CSS-related stuff in every weekly, but as long as I have a backlog of various things, I’ll group them by topic, and will add a section with things only related to this topic. This should allow me to go through the backlog without straining myself. Maybe.

CSS Articles and News

Web Components and Shadow DOM

In the last few weeks, there were many articles about web components, custom elements and shadow & light DOMs. I won’t link to all of them, as that would be too much, but to a snippet of them, in chronological order. Most of these articles would have links to other related recent posts — highly recommend!

My Blog Posts

Between the last “weekly and this one were six days, so this section has six links today:

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